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Jane Keyes, principal of Page Perfect Design Communications, delivers quality wordsmithing, design, formatting and proofreading services to help individuals and businesses hone their written materials — newsletters, books, manuals, websites, technical studies, annual reports, marketing materials and more — for maximum audience impact. Ideal for those who need to present their research, ideas, analysis and key messages more effectively and accurately, and with strong visual appeal.


The Foundation
Strong, well-written content,
organized logically


Concise, well-crafted and digestible writing can accentuate content, making it more persuasive and appealing to existing or potential audiences. With an eye to flushing out the unnecessary verbiage that can distract readers from digesting key messages, we help clients to maintain a strong, clear, authoritative voice. A focus on the written component is vital for anyone attempting to communicate, motivate, inform, or call to action in today's information-packed world.


The Package
Clean, effective layout that
invites the reader in


It is often visual appeal that draws the attention of readers to a particular product or information piece, so packaging is equally important; in short, first impressions matter. Whether for analytical reports, corporate branding, websites or any other purpose, aesthetics have been shown to influence decision-making. This means they can impact your results. Our objective: clean, bold layouts that make strategic use of white space to showcase your product or message most effectively. At the same time, we pay close attention to the small typesetting details (kerning, leading, dashes, page endings and the like) that give your final product a professional look.


The Fine Details
Accurate spelling/grammar and consistent use of terminology


Focusing on the fine details holds much more value than many people realize. Meticulous attention to accuracy, i.e., no spelling errors, proper grammar, consistent tense, and prudent use of industry terminology, sends an important message about your commitment to excellence overall. While proofreading for accuracy and consistency, we simultaneously keep an eye out for the common typesetting errors that can make a product look amateurish or unfinished. In short, we polish your pages so that you look good.

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