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Strong aesthetics command notice

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to stay the course reading a document that is not well-designed? Too much copy on each page, inconsistencies in formatting, unappealing or even daunting visuals? On the reverse side, a well laid-out page or document — with clean section delineation, wisely chosen areas of white space, and optimum font choice and size — has a way of inviting readers in and keeping them engaged.

Layout and design is the next frontier once you have laid your foundation. The package in which you wrap your presentation — after the hard work of researching and writing is done — is as important as the message itself (that is, if you want the message to actually be read). This is as true for large, copy-heavy documents as it is for the basic resumé that may get you your next job. From advertisements through invitations, from newsletters through reports, from one-page flyers through multi-page manuals, we are bombarded daily by messages that attempt to command our notice. In fact, in our quick-hit, sound-bite-driven digital world, the items that compete simultaneously for our attention are so numerous and varied that we cannot possibly see or absorb them all. So, after you have built your foundation of solid content, presenting a welcoming and visually appealing document will give your proposition — whatever it may be — an exponentially better chance of being noticed, being read, being understood, and being accepted.


• Document design/layout
• Formatting and typesetting (any size document)
• Camera-ready output for in-house or commercial printing
• Stylesheet/template creation
• Graphics, including charts and tables
• Logo design/letterhead packages
• Website design
• PDF generation/clean-up


• Newsletters, books and manuals
• Multi-client studies
• Websites, print ads and marketing materials
• Research papers, theses, essays
• Resumés and cover letters
• Annual reports and business plans
• Calendars, menus, flyers, etc.

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