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The foundation: strong content, written with flair and organized logically

Most success stories are built on substance; in the case of targeted writing projects, this means that research and content rule. It is is also true that how well — or how poorly — that substance is communicated can determine its ultimate impact. In business and school settings, the written word can be a formidable tool for communicating, motivating, informing and calling to action. Effective, well-crafted writing is the foundation for success in delivering your message.

Unfortunately, a great majority of writing is built on footings that elicit yawns more often than excitement. Frequently, these documents are the perfect sleep aid, in direct opposition to the writer's intention.

The good news

Truly effective writing does not put us to sleep! Rather, it energizes, enlightens, and engages us — not to mention encourages us to read on. Whether working from your notes or even first drafts, we can help ensure that your final product uses effective and consistent language, is organized logically, flows smoothly, and remains on topic. All writing and editing is undertaken with an eye to maintaining your voice while honing your message for maximum impact.


• Business copywriting/editing
• Technical-report/manual editing
• Website content generation/editing
• Marketing/PR communications
• Magazine/journal articles and white papers
• Editing of resumés/cover letters, essays, theses
• Index generation

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